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“I continue to hear great feedback from the course and have staff asking when the next courses are going to be, thank you so much!”
Care facility – Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I wanted to tell you how happy I am that mom was so loved and cared for by you and your companions! I was reading over some of your reports over the last 4 years. It is clear that mom really benefited from your visits and I wanted to tell you how grateful we all are! What you provide is real... essential... and quite special. Thank you!”
Comforting Companions Client – Halifax, Nova Scotia

"You certainly have a gift Yvette for your work. I have never heard or seen my mom so responsive. Maybe it is knowing what to do and how to approach things. I never know what to say or do. You have touched so many parts of who my mom is. I can now see parts of the mom I used to know. I am so grateful."
Comforting Companions Client – Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I am very grateful that you were there this afternoon when mom needed a hug. With much gratitude for what you and moms companion bring to her life."
Comforting Companions Client – Halifax, Nova Scotia



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