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"It is a wonderful thing that you are able to be part of my mother’s life. It is a great help to me as I am having to spend more time managing my father and his health issues."
A Comforting Companions Client




Providing Care with Passion and Purpose

When your loved one is in long-term care, you always wish you could do more because you know that life within care can be lonely. You’re managing your family, your career with so many other responsibilities, and you’re doing your best. You can trust Comforting Companions to bridge that gap by providing additional compassionate care and at the same time, be there for you.

Fast Fact

A recent survey of over 50,000 seniors living in long-term care tells us that over 40% are either diagnosed with or show signs of depression! In the general community, the rate of depression is 1% to 5%. The study also shows that depression is not a normal part of aging and is brought on by loss: Loss of health, mobility, family, and friends and brought on by loneliness. Those who have meaningful companionship and can stay engaged do much better and have an improved quality of life.


Comforting Companions helps you stay connected with those you love by helping alleviate some of the emotional and personal challenges of having a loved one in long-term care. We’re there to improve the day-to-day life of your loved one and provide you peace of mind when you just can’t be there yourself.


We offer personalized visits that are tailored to the person’s interests, abilities and capacity, understanding it can change day to day. With the help of family, we get to know more about their personal, professional life to help us create meaningful visits for each person we see. Think of us like an extension of family helping to support you when you need it most.

Alzheimer’s Dementia Care

We understand how difficult it must be for not only those courageously facing illness, but for those who love them the most. Companions are fully trained in non-medical Alzheimer Dementia Care and can actively involve your loved one no matter where they are with their illness, helping them remain active and engaged during the visit.

Comfort Care

We believe that no matter where people are within the disease progression, the person is still there and can respond to care and kindness. If your loved one is having difficulty communicating, were committed to finding ways to engage them to help them feel loved and cared for during our visit.

Respite Care

If you normally visit your loved one regularly and going out of town has you worried about who will visit in your absence, let us help. We will visit on your behalf while you are away and keep you updated on each visit, helping relieve some of the pressure you may face.

Comforting Companions | Care Providers | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Our Services | Palliative, Non-Medical Care

Palliative, Non-Medical Care

It’s a difficult time when someone you loves needs you and you just can’t be there due to your own commitments of family and career. Let us help by provide one of our caring, kind and compassionate companions to spend time with the one you love most. Well ensure you are well updated after our time visiting, helping you to feel as if you were there yourself.