Certified Training in Positive Approach® to Care

Yvette Gagnon, owner of Comforting Companions is both a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Trainer in Positive Approach to Care® philosophy and education, which offers unique hands on training to those wanting to understand more about dementia and how they can help others.

Dementia will affect us all at some point and being able to understand what it is, how it affects people, coupled with skills and education, will cultivate more positive, compassionate dementia care. We can all do something to help others and it starts with understanding.

What is Positive Approach® to Care?

Positive Approach to Care® is a program developed by Teepa Snow, one of the worlds leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it.  Positive, respectful dementia care is not about loss, rather focuses on remaining skills and understands that those living with dementia, are doing the best they can.  PAC training incorporates a unique blend of hands on learning, education and being able to see it from the other side, helping each of us to provide respectful, compassionate care.

Why choose Positive Approach® to Care training?

PAC training, allows you to learn the worlds most compassionate techniques in dementia care. It will improve day to day interactions and outcomes for people living with dementia and those who interact with them.

  • All workshops are tailored to meet your individual goals and designed to be delivered in communities, for businesses, care facilities or any group interested in learning more about dementia.
  • You will learn and practice hands on skills needed to feel successful in your interactions with those who are living with dementia, reducing the number of challenges that may arise.
  • You will be able to identify ‘unmet needs’ quicker, thus lessening the challenges that may have resulted otherwise.
  • Improve your business culture by providing staff the tools they need to succeed and feel supported in their day to day interactions with those that are living with dementia.

Dementia Training for Service Providers (sample outline/customized training available)

  • Learn about the brain, dementia progression, different types of dementia
  • Learn to identify and respond to unmet needs
  • Develop Positive Approach to Care® techniques, improving outcomes of those living with dementia
    • Positive Personal Connections (PPC)
    • Positive Action Starters (PAS)
    • Positive Physical Approach® (PPA)
    • Hand-Under-Hand® (HUH) guiding and assisting
  • Hands on learning and reflection, Learners will apply skills and understand the PAC philosophy and why its important in day to day care

Dementia Training for Businesses (sample outline/customized training available)

  • What is dementia and how does it progress
  • What can I do as a business to support those living with dementia in our community?
  • What can I do as a business to recognize and support staff who may be caregivers?
  • Simple and effective strategies for both front line and behind the scenes staff in communicating effectively with those living with dementia

Dementia Training for Communities (sample outline/customized training available)

  • Understanding the differences between normal vs not normal aging
  • Learn what makes for a dementia friendly community
  • Understanding types and reasons for dementia and its progression
  • How best to support someone with dementia
  • Communication strategies

Dementia Training for Families (sample outline/customized training available)

  • Understanding the differences between normal vs not normal aging
  • Understanding dementia, its progression and the journey ahead.
  • Communication strategies
  • Skills, support, resources

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